• Logistical assistance for goods containerization at port
• container devanning and subsequent loading onto truck, gating-out and delivery to the factory;
• goods devanning and re-stuffing, unstuffing, storage and gating-out, including in different batches

We will answer any kind of question, a service which is essential before starting any foreign trade activity.
Our team can also help you navigate the stormy waters of Community Laws and Regulations, which are continually changing and being updated. Even for established businesses, it is essential to have a professional figure ever-present in the management of exchanges with foreign customers or suppliers, offering assistance before, during and after each customs operation.
We will assist you with consulting the TARIC in real time, the correct way to fill in the documents and with the choice of the most convenient delivery terms for the customer (INCOTERMS).

We provide customs clearance for any shipment by sea, land and air;
• applications and assistance for Phytosanitary, Health, Vet, CITES and Age Control procedures;
• temporary import/export operations;
• preferential certificates;
• Agrim and Agrex certificates;
• assistance for gating-in at the port, boarding and/or discharging, gating-out from the port for cars, trucks, containers etc.

All operations are carried out using the most sophisticated and modern telematics channels.

Our experience and professionalism in goods inspections gives a guarantee to our customers; we give you the opportunity to inspect the cargo before it clears custom, so as to verify the quality of the goods you are importing. We guarantee the highest quality standards, in compliance with the current regulations, when sanitary or customs sampling is required

We can guarantee the shipments of our customers by issuing insurance policies that meet all possible requirements, with fully comprehensive-risk coverage

We organise groupage transport or whole containers, collaborating with trusted Partners who have operated in this field for years.